Psychology of learning

g. Learning is universal and continuous

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g. Learning is universal and continuous

All living creatures learn. Every moment the individual engages himself to learn more and more. Right from the birth of a child till the death learning continues.

Learning is a process. It is carried out through steps. Learning process involves – a) A motive or a drive. b) An attractive goal. c) A block to the attainment of the goal.
Let us seethe steps one by one –
(a) A motive or a drive
Motive is the dynamic force that energizes behaviour and compels an individual to act. We do any activity because of our motives or our needs. When our need is strong, enough we are compelled to strive for its satisfaction. Learning takes place because of response to some stimulation. As long as our present behaviour, knowledge, skill and performance are

adequate to satisfy all our needs, use do not feel any necessity to change our behaviour or acquire new knowledge and skills. It is this requirement, which initiates a learner to learn something.
(b) Goal
Every individual has to set a definite goal for achievement. We should always have a definite goal for achieving anything. If a definite goal is set then learning becomes purposeful and interesting.

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