Psychology of learning

(c) Obstacle block barrier

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(c) Obstacle block barrier

The obstacle or block or the barrier is equally important in the process of learning. The obstacle or the barriers keep us away from attaining the goal. Now, you will think how the obstacle can be important in the process of learning. So let me tell you, if you face no difficulty of any kind in attaining the goal, you will not bring any change in your present behaviour or stock of knowledge or skills. Thus, the block or the barrier is an essential step in the learning process. Let us clear the above views by taking an example. Suppose you wish to be included in your college hockey team. You want to have the esteem of your colleagues, your teachers. You are also motivated try the interesting experiences that you many enjoy. But you are blocked by your lack of skill in dodging, tackling and handling the ball. The obstacles in the path of goal achievement will set you makeup your deficiency and acquire essential skill through sufficient practice and coaching.

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