Psychology of learning

Evaluation of Learning Performance

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Evaluation of Learning Performance

Main objective of education is allround development of the learner. It includes cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects of personality. Educational Psychology suggests various tool and techniques for assessment and evaluation such as performance test, oral test and written test. It does not stop at measurement only, after the testing results of the test are anyslysed causes for poor performance, backwardness in any aspect of development is corrected by maladjustment are helped by guidance and counselling study habit, examination techniques and learning styles are analysed and helped the learner so that he can overcome the difficulties.
The Teacher
Educational Psychology emphasizes the need of knowing the self fora teacher to play his fole properly in the process of education. it throws light on the essential personality traits, interests, aptitudes, the characteristics of effective teaching etc, so as to inspire, help teacher handle the stress, conflict and anxicty by giving insight in their own personality.

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