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Combination of convex concave curve

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Combination of convex concave curve

It looks like the capital letter S. The curve takes concave or convex shape in the beginning depending upon the nature of the task.
In actual practical situations, such smooth curves are rarely found. Usually there are ups and downs (fluctuation.
4.5.3 Educational importance of learning curve

1. In acquiring the basic skills in various subjects, the learner at times appears to show no progress. At such moments, the teacher can diagnose the reasons for the lack of progress.
2. A student’s progress maybe arrested because the work is too complex for him. The teacher can observe the student’s work and detect the part that gives him trouble. The teacher should see if the student has developed any faulty study habits, which impede his progress.
3. The plateau maybe due to the lack of motivation. The teacher should provide encouragement in order to maintain motivation at a high level.

4. The learning curves give a graphic evidence of one’s progress, which is an effective motivational device for the learner.
5. Occurrence of plateaus can be minimized by using superior teaching methods.

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