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(PSYCH – B.A./B.S., 124 credits)
1Penn State Behrend’s Psychology B.A. and B.S. majors are challenging and personally rewarding programs of study. Students in both majors take a core three-course methodology sequence that culminates in an original research project presented at a regional conference. Students publish their work in our annual psychology journal. Because of Penn State Behrend’s small-college setting, psychology majors work closely with faculty on original faculty research projects. Faculty topics of research include studies of biological bases of memory, the psychology of language, adolescent aggression, interpersonal violence and trauma, human factors psychology, workplace satisfaction, and sexual dysfunction.

As a scholarly discipline, psychology emphasizes the communication and explanation of principles and theories of behavior. As a science, it is focused research through which investigators collect, quantify, analyze, and interpret data to describe human and animal behavior. As a profession, psychology involves the practical application of knowledge and techniques for the solution or prevention of individual or social problems. Once you have completed your training in psychology at Penn State Behrend, you will possess a solid background in all three of these dimensions of psychology and will be well prepared for the workforce or graduate education.

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