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Open Science Framework is an innovative idea that will create an open and safe environment for scientists. Unfortunately it’s not applicable to all forms of scientific research. But overall, Open Science Framework will help science progress in an uncertain world.

Data sharing; Open Science Framework (OSF) makes it easier. OSF is an online platform for sharing, finding and updating data. This data is open for anyone to see! It supports workflow and helps increase the alignment between scientific values and practices. But is it really a good idea if ALL DATA is open for anyone?





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Contract: M. S. Lawerman: muriel.lawerman@student.uva.nl; J. N. Zadelaar: jacqueline.zadelaar@student.uva.nl; Diamantbeurs, Weesperplein 4, Amsterdam

Open Science Framework The Pro’s and Cons of Sharing Data Muriel S. Lawerman & Jacqueline N. Zadelaar Department of Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam


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