Resolution on Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care and Specialty Health Care Settings

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Professional Identity

• Implement specific strategies using social media, targeted publications and briefing papers to disseminate research on the value of psychosocial and health behavior interventions in integrated healthcare settings to improve patient, clinician, health system and population health outcomes. Differential messages need to target key and influential Federal and State policymakers, individual and group practices to provide integrated or collaborative care in and outside of health settings.
• Encourage the adoption of comprehensive competencies for psychologists working in primary care and specialty health settings such as those developed by the
2013 Interorganizational Work Group on Primary Care Psychology Competencies.
• Communicate with commercial health insurance companies, health professional organizations, health systems and foundations, health and science writers in varied media outlets, key thought leaders in healthcare, and consumer groups concerned about health and mental health issues Disseminate information to the current psychology workforce on competencies, models, and contractual issues affecting the practice of integrated care through social media, targeted publications and continuing education workshops Provide members with information and updates on the emerging role of value based payment models and the impact of quality improvement programs on practicing psychologist incomes and practice standards.

• Support reliable, valid, and sensitive use of outcome measures for psychologists practicing in integrated care Educate members about the barriers to psychologists practice of integrated care and how to navigate them in health systems and with payers and regulatory bodies Educate members about additional roles in integrated care such as team facilitation and communications skills training Encourage psychologists to educate health systems, legal/regulatory bodies, and government agencies about the unique training of psychologists as doctoral-level experts in behavior change, psychological health, and behavioral intervention.

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