Resolution on Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care and Specialty Health Care Settings

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Legislative Advocacy

• Support efforts to include psychologists in the CMS definition of physician to provide access to tools necessary for integration such as electronic health records (EHR) incentives and current procedural terminology (CPT) codes for integrated services Continue to advocate for the reimbursement of psychological and substance abuse evaluation, psychological and neuropsychological testing, and prevention and treatment interventions for child, adult and geriatric patients across the lifespan in Federal and State programs and with third party payers Identify services that psychologists can provide in integrated care settings that are not currently reimbursed under the CPT codes for psychologists, and advocate for the enabling of psychologists to use existing codes to provide Evaluation and Management Services.
• Advocate for payment methodologies to fairly account for behavioral health services at levels that reflect the training, skills and resources of psychologists, and the impact these services will have in reducing future healthcare expenditures Advocate for inclusion and appropriate reimbursement understate plans, such as Medicaid.
• Support psychologists in being able to access affordable and effective EHR as abroad aspect of integrated care that is essential for collaborative work involving psychologists who are not embedded in larger health organizations.

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