Resolution on Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care and Specialty Health Care Settings

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Legal/Regulatory Advocacy

• Track and support changes in State Corporate Doctrine of Medicine laws that compromise psychologists ability to enter into contractual partnerships with physicians and other healthcare providers to provide integrated care in health settings Provide technical assistance to states working to eliminate contractual barriers to physician and psychologist partnerships.
Advocate for state laws, federal rules and regulations and payer rules that promote the inclusion of behavioral health services in integrated settings Advocate for removal of restrictions on patients participating in multiple procedures on the same day Advocate for removal of restrictions on the number of co-pays or total copays, deductibles or coinsurance a patient or their family must pay in a time period Advocate for psychologists providing continuity of care for patients changing insurance plans given the ever-changing payer market.
• Engage with members and other entities to develop appropriate payment models for psychologists and in integrated care settings that are funded by bundled, value based and global payment models.
• Advocate for state governments to investigate allegations that insurance companies are failing to implement The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act
(MHPAEA) when evidence warrants such investigations.
• Support new payment models that are not based on encounters or volume, which would allow for primary care and behavioral health to better integrate in one practice setting and have the opportunity to achieve financial viability.

• Advocate with organizations that evaluate and accredit healthcare organizations (e.g., Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) to educate these organizations on the role of psychology in healthcare settings

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