Resolution on Psychologists in Integrated Primary Care and Specialty Health Care Settings

Competency-Based Workforce Development and Training

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Competency-Based Workforce Development and Training.

Com- petency in integrated care encompasses proficiencies across many domains, including science, systems, professionalism, relationships, application and education (McDaniel, et al., 2014). Existing training programs and resources for graduate students includes the APA Society for Health Psychology Committee on Integrated Primary Care’s course, Integrated Primary Care Psychology An Introductory Curriculum (Gunn et al., 2016). For professional psychologists, the APA CMMI funded Integrated Health Care Alliance program provides an introduction to the field, while the UMASS Medical School integrated care training provides skills training of recommended competencies illustrated by APA past-president Susan McDaniel, PhD (2014); and competencies outlined by SAMHSA, among many others.

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