S e west psychologist Principal Clinical Specialist Job Specification, Terms and Conditions

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Reporting Relationship

The post holder will report directly to, and be professionally responsible to the Principal Psychology Manager for Psychology services in the Community Health Office – Area 7 (CHO-7).
She/he will be a member of the Psychology Department and will be involved in psychology initiatives/projects (e.g. planning, policy development, service innovation etc.) as appropriate.

Purpose of the Post

The Principal Clinical Psychologist (Specialist) will provide psychological expertise within the identified care group and will lead the provision of psychology services within the multi-disciplinary community, day hospital and inpatient teams in the geographic region serviced by Linn Dara CAMHS.
Psychology service provision includes assessment, intervention, consultation, research, education and support from a multi-theoretical base and across all relevant domains and difficulties for children and adolescents with moderate to severe mental health difficulties including co-morbid presentations such as intellectual disabilities
The post-holder will also directly provide psychology services in one sector as part of a multidisciplinary team and across all sectors in relation to identified clinical expertise / specialist skills.

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