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Principal Duties and Responsibilities

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Principal Duties and Responsibilities

The Principal Clinical Psychologist (Specialist) will work with senior management and the heads of discipline/services within CAMHS to ensure co-ordinated and comprehensive service delivery to, and effective communication with, all stakeholders. S/he will be responsible for the delivery, development and governance of quality psychological services as part of the areas’ multi-disciplinary teams providing assessment and intervention to the identified client group and will contribute significantly to service planning, development, evaluation and quality initiatives.
Such psychological leadership and services will be provided in line with service plans and objectives, and within established professional standards, guidelines and policy. This post has a clinical remit of approximately eighty per cent of the role with care group management and administrative issues relating to psychology accounting for the remaining twenty per cent.

The Principal Clinical Psychologist (Specialist in CAMHS), as delegated by the Principal Psychology Manager, will: -

Professional / Clinical

  • Be responsible for ensuring the delivery, in line with best practice, of a range of professional psychology services to children and adolescents experiencing mental health difficulties, including assessment and intervention with individuals and groups, programme development and implementation, consultation and education.
  • Provide leadership within psychology for working effectively within CAMHS teams, in partnership with clients, their families and other team members to provide an integrated and co-ordinated service aimed at maximising and enhancing each client’s functioning and quality of life.

  • Carry a clinical caseload appropriate to the post.

  • Provide clinical supervision for other CAMHS Psychology staff members, as delegated by the Psychology Manager, to the standards required for professional registration

  • Provide line management for other CAMHS Psychology staff members, as delegated by the Psychology Manager

  • Ensure the compliance of Psychology services in Approved Centres with Mental Health Commission standards, including Integrated Care Planning requirements

  • Participate in the local planning of National Clinical Programmes in Mental Health and ensure appropriate psychology service involvement in their implementation

  • Be responsible for clinical audit and quality initiatives.

  • Be responsible for monitoring and evaluating outcomes of service provision

  • Provide professional reports as required in accordance with professional standards.

  • Promote and foster an understanding of the role and contribution of psychology by providing professional consultation, education, guidance and support to others as appropriate.

  • Communicate effectively and work in co-operation with senior care group management, heads of discipline/services and others to ensure integrated service provision.

  • Work within established partnership frameworks in developing and maintaining close liaison with key stakeholders and ensuring co-ordinated interdisciplinary and inter-agency service delivery.

  • Lead and contribute to developments and innovative practice.

  • Encourage, support and conduct service related research.

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