S e west psychologist Principal Clinical Specialist Job Specification, Terms and Conditions

Other requirements specific to post

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Other requirements specific to post

Access to transport is necessary

Essential skills, competencies and/or knowledge

Candidates must demonstrate:

  • effective leadership and team skills

  • an ability to apply knowledge to best practice

  • the capacity to manage the Psychology service in an effective and resourceful manner within a model of person-centred care

  • the ability to manage and develop self and others in a busy working environment

  • effective supervision skills and a clear commitment to the supervision process

  • effective interpersonal and communication (verbal and written) skills including skills in multi-disciplinary working and the ability to collaborate with colleagues, families, etc.

  • the ability to evaluate information and make effective decisions especially with regard to service delivery

  • an ability to facilitate change and improve service delivery

  • initiative and innovation in identifying areas for service improvement

  • a commitment to the delivery of a quality user-centred service
  • awareness and appreciation of the service user as expert through experience including promoting the role of service user in care planning and decision-making and service development

  • the ability to empathise with and treat others with dignity and respect

  • a willingness to develop IT skills relevant to the role

  • commitment to continuing professional development.

  • an awareness of current professional issues

  • a clear understanding of professional ethics

  • knowledge of research methods

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