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5:00-6:00: 2. Dr. Morris and Dr Lawson

Neuroplasticity and new views of the adaptive and

Growth potential (for better or worse); neuroplasticity studies, mirror neurons, stress and experience based mutations, ACE studies on the development of damaged brains, personalities, minds; stress damage.
Break: 6-6:15 6:15
7:00 Dr. Lawson and Dr. Barngrover

Neurologically informed psychotherapy, family resiliency, and short-term combined pharmacology and psychotherapy with transitions to long-term growth psychotherapy and treatment plan techniques.

7-7:40 Dr. Barngrover and Dr. Cooper
7:40-8:00 Full Panel Summary, Discussion and Audience Questions
Notice: This special workshop with a faculty of

Nationally Recognized Leaders in

Psychopharmacology, Medical Psychology, and

The Practitioner Movement will be held June 2nd, the night before the Missouri Psychological Association’s Annual Convention at the Double Tree Hotel. We encourage workshop attendees to stay and participate in the next day(s) for the MoPA Convention:

Missouri Psychological Association Annual Conference

June 3-4, 2016

Broadway Double Tree Hotel

Columbia, MO 65201


Who We Are

About Us

Psychologists are increasingly trained in

Psychopharmacology and functioning in or in

direct relationships with Primary Care Centers

and Community Hospitals to assume medical

psychology practice.

As leaders in the Practitioner Movement with specialties and focus in the scope of Medical

Psychology, we have helped train psychologists to prepare for practice in diverse settings by encouraging continuing education in medical science and applied psychology that

facilitates the competencies of psychologists to

become members of Integrated Care Teams.

For Enrollment Contact Us At

Phone: 417-667-8352


Web: or

www.nappp.orggists &

Interested Clinicians

Costs: Program fees are $50 if paid

in advance (send check to CMHC, Inc.,

815 S. Ash Nevada, Mo, Dr. Jerry

Morris-Note NAPPP/AMP Columbia

Workshop or $60 at the door, or to make a payment through PayPal please go to: If you have any problems please contact Bethany Nevins

at 417-667-8352, or at The

workshop is free for AMP or NAPPP members.

The Academy of Medical

Psychology (AMP) & The National Alliance of

Professional Psychology

Providers (NAPPP) Present a CE Program

Conveniently, the evening prior to the Missouri Psychological Association Convention

[A Pre-convention Workshop]
Date: June 2

Time: 4PM-8PM

Location: Broadway Double Tree Hotel

Columbia, Missouri 65201

Participants can receive 4 hrs of

continuing education from the National Alliance of Psychology Providers. NAPPP is an approved sponsor of continuing education by the American Psychological Association. The National Alliance of Professional Psychology Providers maintains full responsibility for this program and its contents.

The Presentations will include

national leaders in Medical

Psychology ( and the National Psychology Practitioner Association (

Jerry Morris, PsyD, MsPharm, MBA, ABMP, ABPP, ABBHP, NCSP, CCM Executive Director AMP/ABMP, MoPA Past President

John Caccavale, PhD, MsPharm, ABMP

Executive Director NAPPP

Ward Lawson, PhD, ABMP, ABPP

President AMP/ABMP, MoPA Past Board Member

Susan Barngrover, PhD, MsCP, ABMP

AMP/ABMP Board Member, MoPA Member

Amie Cooper, PsyD

Medical Psychology, RxP Student/ Resident, AMP Member, MO Licensed Psychologist


Pre-conference workshop (early evening June 2, 4pm-8pm)
3:30-4:00; Meet the faculty: Drs. Morris,

Caccavale, Lawson, Barngrover, and Cooper will be available for a meet and greet time with coffee and generous, healthy hors d’ouevres.

(Same day registrants may join as well.)
4:00-4:20 Entire Panel:


A brief history of both AMP and NAPPP and their standards and importance in the practitioner movement will be discussed. Opportunities to be engaged in these organizations, their journals and upcoming conferences will be highlighted.
4:20-5:00: Dr. Caccavale and Dr. Morris:


Uses, limitations, and long and short

range view of psychopharmacology. This section will review the NAPPP Truth In Drugs Paper and Scientific Findings, several book chapters and scientific article publications by Dr.’s Morris and Caccavale reviewing the appropriate use and prescribing of psychopharmacology in scientifically informed treatment plans. NAPPP’s Policy Statement on Psychopharmacology from will be reviewed.

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