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Perfection of Christ

  • the Logos (Christianity)|Logos which Pre-existence of Christ|pre-existed as Christ in perfect form, untouched by sin: because he was the first, he could achieve perfection.Irenaeus of Lyons by Eric Francis Osborn 2001 ISBN 0-521-80006-4 pp

Perfection of Christ

  • In the Christianity in the 3rd century|3rd century, Tertullian emphasized the perfection of Christ as a key consequence of the Incarnation of the Logos (Christianity)|Logos in Christ. In Tertullian's view to suggest that anything could be added to improve Christ would be to deny the Gospels.Tertullian, First Theologian of the West by Eric Osborn 2003 ISBN 0-521-52495-4 pp. 44-45

Perfection of Christ

  • 2000 ISBN 0-8264-5130-6 page 53 In the 13th century, the perfection of Christ was subject to detailed theological analysis by Saint Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologica|Summa Theologiae.Summa Theologica, Volume 4 (Part III, First Section) by St Thomas Aquinas 2007 ISBN 1-60206-560-8 pp

Perfection of Christ

  • John Calvin considered the perfection of Christ as a source of Grace in Christianity|grace which covered the blemishes of Christian views of sin|sin in others.Institutes of the Christian religion, Volume 2 by Jean Calvin 1816 Published by Philip Nicklin, page 296

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