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Job Description


Wirral Integrated Recovery Service

Job Title

Clinical Psychologist




37.5 FTE


CRI Point 38-40 £33,573.92 - £35,596.44

Reports to

Services Manager / Lead Clinical Consultant

Operating Principles

CRI has developed a number of operating principles that it believes are essential to providing effective and inspirational care and support for its service users. They should be viewed as overarching expectations for all roles at CRI.

All staff will contribute to the ongoing development of an ambitious, inspirational and outcome focussed culture at every level of service delivery.

All roles will tangibly contribute to provide hope, connection, empowerment, choices and opportunities that promote people reaching their full potential as individuals and community members.

All service delivery will model the belief that we all have the potential to make positive changes and to lead meaningful and purposeful lives, as involved and contributing members of society.

To support these operating principles, managers will embrace CRI values:

  • True to our ethics and charitable objectives

  • Excellence in Service Delivery

  • Commitment, Professionalism, Positivity

  • Business Focus

In doing this managers will be assessed on their competencies and behaviours in the following areas: Judgement, Open Minded, Diversity, Courage, Communication and Influence, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership and the delivery of results.”

Purpose of Job

As directed by the Services Manager and Clinical Consultant, the post-holder will be an integral member of a team delivering comprehensive clinical psychology services to drug & alcohol substance misusers. The post holder will provide a key part of the comprehensive assessment and intervention response process and will be responsible for the overall specialist high intensity psychological therapeutic interventions provided by the service.

The post-holder will contribute to the service to ensure that drug and alcohol users consistently receive high quality services that adhere to the best practice guidelines and achieve high professional standards.

The post holder will aim to reduce the distress and improve the psychological well-being of clients. You will use psychological therapy methods and research to make positive changes to their clients' lives and offer various forms of treatment.

Working alongside the medical team and multidisciplinary team in your work with high severity and complex patient problems such as but not limited to:

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