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How are psychological services delivered?

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How are psychological services delivered?
A qualified professional may provide psychological services directly or indirectly. Direct services are those services provided face-to-face to the service recipient (e.g., student, family, or educator) by the professional. Common examples of direct services include teaching social skills to an individual student or groups of students, assessing student academic skills through curriculum-based techniques, and individual or group counseling of students. Indirect services are those services that are provided by someone else under the direction or as a result of the skills and expertise of the qualified professional. For example, a teacher who implements a social skills program for exceptional education students in consultation with a school psychologist would be delivering direct psychological services, with the school psychologist delivering the services indirectly (through the teacher). A counselor who trains five students in conflict mediation skills would be delivering psychological services directly to those five students as well as indirectly to schoolmates of the five students who might benefit from their mediation skills.

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