Terms of References – Junior Psychologists

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Terms of References – Junior Psychologists

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) Program

Directorate General Health Services Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,


  1. Program Rationale:

In the context of continuous disasters in this region, and an odious lack of psychological services for the community, the Directorate General Health Services KP with the financial support of UNICEF, has introduced standardized mental health services in district Peshawar as a pilot. The aim of these services is the developing and subsequent scaling up of mental health sector in KP, ensuring the provision of comprehensive, standardized, quality services to the vulnerable and suffering populations (children, students, young and adults) in the community.

  1. Summary Description

The program has established 10 Psychosocial Family Counseling Centres (PFCs) in district Peshawar, where the incumbent shall work under the supervision of Senior Psychologist PFC to ensure a smooth execution of the program initiatives and plans. Within a PFC the junior psychologist shall work in close liaison with the Mental Health Supporters (MHS) interns; through regular group/individual meetings and peer supervision sessions.

  1. Scope & Deliverables

Junior Psychologist PFCs shall provide support to the MHPSS Program through performance of the following duties:

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