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Counselling/psychotherapy is a process, in which a safe and non-judgemental space is created between a person and a counsellor/therapist, where a person can explore any issues that are causing them difficulties in a particular area or areas of their life. Counselling/psychotherapy focuses on enhancing the psychological well being of the client thereby empowering the client in enabling choice or change or in reducing confusion.


Becoming an accredited member of a professional organisation for Counselling and Psychotherapy guarantees a high level of training and an ethical framework for good practice. It means that the Counsellor/Psychotherapist has been deemed to be competent and ethical by the accrediting body to whom that professional subscribes. Prior to undertaking training in this area it is essential that you rigorously investigate the accreditation of your proposed course for training, ethical and future employability purposes. Two of the larger bodies in Ireland are the Irish Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (IACP) -
and the Irish Association of Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapists –
. (Note This list is not exhaustive as there are further organisations, depending on the nature of training and the school of thought to which you subscribe, therefore due care must be given in examining professional status of all courses and organisations before embarking on training.

IACP is the main accreditation body in Ireland. There is a reciprocal agreement regarding accreditation between IACP and BACP. IACP also has a mutual agreement with

IAHIP regarding supervision – using a supervisor with IAHIP qualification is acceptable to IACP. The IACP courses have gone through the IACP accreditation process. If a course is not on the list they either haven’t applied for accreditation or the accreditation process is in progress and not completed yet. If there is a course in which you are interested you can ask if they have applied for accreditation and when they expect to receive it. When new courses receive accreditation they will be listed on IACP website.

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