Who am i meant to be? In search of a psychological account of autism, from the viewpoint of an ‘insider’

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An insider’s critique of the

dominant psychological models

of autism

Damian Milton

MA, PGCert, BA (Hons), Dip (conv), PGCE, Mifl, MBPsS

PhD Researcher, University of Birmingham


  • Critique of current psychological models regarding autism.
  • Theory of mind deficit, executive dysfunction, and weak coherence theory.
  • Empathising-systemising theory (Baron-Cohen, 2008) and monotropism theory (Murray, Lesser and Lawson, 2005).
  • A central core ‘deficit’ or ‘difference’ is postulated by each.
  • How accurate are they when viewed by an ‘insider’ who has been so diagnosed?
  • The inconsistencies of these models need to be critiqued in order to subvert the dominance they enjoy in defining what it is to be autistic.

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