Who am i meant to be? In search of a psychological account of autism, from the viewpoint of an ‘insider’

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Critique (2)

  • Richards (2002) - trait theory rests upon the assumption that a consistent structure of personality resides in each individual person, yet Richards (2002) argues that traits are nothing more than constructions in the ‘eye of the beholder’ that reflect a world view of the perceiver, rooted within cultural ideologies, and not a reflection of inner psychological dispositions of those being rated.
  • Mischel (1968, cited in Butt, 2007) also criticised the questionnaires used in psychometric testing, with words such as ‘often’ being construed to mean different things to different people and are thus an invalid indicator of some ‘underlying trait’, accordingly, behaviour is theorised as much more context specific and socially situated.

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