Who am i meant to be? In search of a psychological account of autism, from the viewpoint of an ‘insider’

The legacy of psychological theories (2)

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The legacy of psychological theories (2)

  • An often reported autistic ‘difference’ is that of sensitivity to sensory stimuli (Rodgers et al. 2003). Yet, as this characteristic was not initially observable in outward behaviour, coupled with its lack of specificity to those diagnosed as autistic, it has acquired little attention until fairly recently.
  • A major criticism of these models, is that they are formed (with the exception of monotropism theory) from a perspective of a cognitive paradigm overly restricted by its total adherence to scientific positivistic method.
  • Dawson et al. (2008) and Lawson (2010) – critical of the normative view of development and the ‘disordered other’.

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