Who am i meant to be? In search of a psychological account of autism, from the viewpoint of an ‘insider’

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Critique (2)

  • The theory does not give an explanatory account of other autistic behaviour patterns, such as an insistence on sameness or ‘stereotypies’.
  • Nazeer (2006) – Everyone can make mistakes, something that is relied upon by actors, liars, spies and salespeople.
  • Lawson (2010) – Theory of mind built up by different means, and through interests being developed.
  • Difficulties with understanding self and other have also been cited regarding those who are deaf, blind, or those with a diagnosis of schizophrenia (Dahlgren et al., 2003 and Peterson et al., 2000, cited in Lawson, 2010; Sprong et al. 2007).
  • For me, people are essentially unpredictable and full ‘empathy’ is a ‘convenient’ illusion.
  • Essentially, the theory of mind explanation of autism is neither able to show universality or causal precedence.

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