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Updated 4-2014

A fact sheet for Pediatric, Child-Clinical, and Lifespan Developmental Neuropsychologists
What the AACN Provides

…of the interests of
The AACN has a diverse membership base, so it is no surprise that the AACN Board of Directors reflects diverse professional interests. What may surprise you is how important AACN members are in representing your interests in other organizations. AACN members are consistently involved in leadership positions for
APA’s Division 40, INS, NAN, and innumerable other international, national, and local neuropsychology/psychology organizations.
…including those who work with children.
Despite claims to the contrary, neuropsychologists who work with children are well represented within the leadership of the AACN. Pediatric interests are also well represented in the board certification process, into which the AACN has an advisory role.
Neuropsychology training with children is well- regarded during the ABPP/ABCN credential review, and applicants can freely submit child or adult cases as practice samples and select child or adult cases to discuss during the oral examination.
Professional Advocacy

The field’s greatest challenges come from forces outside of neuropsychology. The AACN has been a strong advocate. For example, the AACN Board of Directors has advocated on behalf of the profession with representatives from an international health management company that influences compensation for clinical services. This advocacy has yielded abetter understanding of that company’s processes, an increased availability of qualified neuropsychologists to guide the company’s decisions, and abetter understanding of steps the field can take to ensure its success, followed by tangible action (seethe Stability and Innovation section. On the regulatory front, when the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) called a meeting to review the protections for test data provided under

HIPAA, two AACN Board Members were there. And when you receive Action Alerts about impending legislative actions into which you can provide input, look at who is giving you the heads up The odds are that the alert has come from an AACN member.
The Association of Postdoctoral Programs in Clinical
Neuropsychology (APPCN) is comprised primarily of programs directed by AACN members, and includes prominent pediatric facilities throughout the US and in Canada. Together, the APPCN has fostered the development of advanced postdoctoral training programs and helped to reduce chaos via an inclusive match program.
…for those seeking board certification
The AACN has multiple study support resources, including two guidebooks sold through the Oxford-
AACN book series, a study support network (Be Ready for ABPP in Neuropsychology or
), and a mentorship program. Several of the authors of the guidebooks, a sizable portion of the leadership and membership of BRAIN, and the director of the mentorship program work with children, just like you dob Scholarship

The AACN includes many of your most respected
colleagues, who share their knowledge with you.
The AACN annual conference and online Continuing Education (CE) series offer
20 hours a year of APA- approved CE credits that are
specific to working with
. Moreover, many of the field’s leading books and journals are authored, coauthored, or edited by

AACN members. For example

Neuropsychological Evaluation of the Child

Pediatric Neuropsychology
(Yeates, Ris, Taylor & Pennington)

Pediatric Neuropsychological Intervention
(Hunter &

Developmental Neuropsychology
(Spreen, Risser & Edgell)

Pediatric Traumatic Brain Injury New Frontiers in Clinical
and Translational Research
(Anderson & Yeates)

Syndrome of Nonverbal Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities From Identification to Intervention
(Fletcher, Lyon, Fuchs, & Barnes)

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder A Handbook for
Diagnosis and Treatment

Casebook of Clinical Neuropsychology
(Morgan, Baron, &

The journal
Child Neuropsychology
Westerveld, Associate Editor Donders)
Balance of Stability with Innovation
As the oldest, largest, and fastest-growing group of credentialed neuropsychologists, the AACN is in an ideal position to respond to the challenges of the field with innovative and sustainable solutions. For example, in response to insurance company pressures to empirically document the field’s healthcare benefits, the AACN Foundation awards grants to investigators conducting neuropsychological outcome research. Also, the AACN adopted
Child Neuropsychology
as an
AACN journal and offers a discounted price for members. The challenges of the future cannot be known for certain, but you can be certain that the

AACN will be there, and will have been watching the horizon to help keep the field
—and you—prepared.
*AACN and the authors earn proceeds from the sales of these books
*AACN and the authors receive financial compensation from
the sale of these books.

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